EXPERIENCE GREY BRUCE is a localized tourism platform for the GREY BRUCE region - we are launching two primary adventure routes for the 2019 Season - GTA to Sauble Beach and GTA to Tobermory. The XPGB platform suggests & offers the best things to do in the region, including guided tours, rentals, cottage services, attractions and reservations.

Book online, in person at our Highway Storefront, or through Hi Bruce! Our AI Powered SMS Travel Captain - XPGB Helps You Experience Fun Made Just For You!

For tourism businesses in the GREY BRUCE region, our platform offers a radical change in tourism promotion - with zero up front or ongoing cost, participation in our platform comes at no risk or expense. We bring new adventurers to your business by investing our own resources in paid advertising - and retain a small percentage of the revenue they spend - leaving you with a hands off marketing department feeding a constant flow of new business!

Let us use the latest in digital marketing techniques - along with tried and tested personal sales techniques in our highway storefront - to bring the RIGHT customers to your business. No more expensive ads, putting out thousands and hoping for return - when an average business generates $1000 in revenue for XPGB, we've brought $10,000 in new revenue to the business with no risk!

Our aim is to bring the perfect experience to the client, and the perfect client to the experience - let us explain how we can help at - Tim@xpgb.ca

Our platform is currently on-boarding selected activities & events for a May 19 soft launch, with a physical location launch Canada Day 2019 - We can't wait for the adventure!